Our Products

We manufacture all kinds of corrugated carton boxes with various quality grades, sizes, and shapes to suit our customer's requirement. Our corrugator is able to produce B, C, or B/C flute sheets. These are some example of products that we can produce in our factory:

Wall Types

Single Wall

Single Wall Corrugated Box contains one ply of fluted paper between top and bottom paper ply. This type of wall is also known as "Double Faced" corrugated board. PT. Indopack Pratama Produces Single Wall Corrugated Box using either B or C flute size

B Flute

  • Flutes Per Linear Meter: 154 +/- 10
  • Flute Thickness (mm): 3.2 +/-

C Flute

  • Flutes Per Linear Meter: 128 +/- 10
  • Flute Thickness (mm): 4.0 +/-

Double Wall

Double Wall Corrugated Box contains two plies of fluted papers which are divided by a paper ply in between; these paper are then covered with both upper and bottom paper ply. PT. Indopack Pratama Produces BC Double Wall that has the advantage of strong outer layer and reduce the impact for inner layer

Final Products